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Diy Studio Debut – slideshow

Who doesn’t love a good makeover project? Well I have some revealing (somewhat shocking) photos to share with you that will make you feel a bit better about your clutter. We have a big garage, however we were lucky to park just one car inside 

Today’s Post, a Video Blog and Unveiling of the Diy Studio!

Kindergarten has officially started, which means I have two hours to myself a day! More time to spend with you! Here’s my first video blog….

Family Roadtrip to the Wildlife Safari

Since I wasn’t feeling too great when hubby was on vacation from work, we decided to take it easy but still have fun with the kids. The Wildlife Safari was just what the doctored ordered. I was able to relax, sit on my tukus, and 

The horror! The horror!

I become a drill sargent. I’m not proud of it but I do. I’m not always like this, just when I need to get the kids somewhere quickly. I was rushing around the house picking up, getting the kids dressed, brushed and ready for a 

Songs that Bring Me Back

Songs that Bring Me Back

It was a day of reminiscing thanks to our local Grocery Outlet. Not the most glamorous store but I like checking out random home goods, cheap cheese, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (really is there anything else needed in life?) Strolling down the aisles