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Coop Complete

It was a long weekend but we got the coop done. Our kiddos are always bored to death when we work on our projects. After building a fence the weekend before and then the coop, I think next weekend we will take it easy and 

School Auction, 2nd Grade Class Artwork

I’ve been up to my elbows in projects, not that I’m complaining! The McKinley School auction is this Friday (eek… tomorrow!) and I’m finishing up some last minute details for the second grade class artwork that will be auctioned off.  Remember this project for the 

Tackle it Tuesday, Tackling Office Ugly

Tackle it Tuesday, Tackling Office Ugly

Posted via Jessica’s Blog. I wish I had a before picture for you. This chair was a mess. It had a gray woven cover that had holes all over the place from my old kitty that liked to sharpen it’s claws on the back. Needless to 

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle it Tuesday

It’s not too hard to find projects to do in our 1920’s house. This weekend we fixed our leaking shower (only after a good hour of trying to remove a cartridge that just wouldn’t budge).  We are also trying to figure out a leak by 

Desk Redue

Desk Redue

If you know me at all, I love repurposing things! This desk has been in my life for twenty years now and who knows how old it is? My mom and I picked it out at a garage sale when I was in jr. high. 

Easy Sheet Music Wreath

This is a very simple and easy project. I cut some foam core for a base for the wreath. I didn’t even make it perfectly circular since I knew the music sheets would cover it up. Then I cut my music sheets down to a 

Gallery Wall, A Magnetic Paint Mishap

Since my kiddos have started school, I find myself bombarded with their artwork and looking for ways to display it. We had nothing on our basement walls by the stairway, so I thought that my kids’ creations might be a perfect addition. I started off 

Getting the Right Color

I made a mistake yesterday. I should have followed the rules. I’ve done this before and I should have learned my lesson. I got cocky and went against that little voice in my head telling me I should take more time to decide. I should