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Creative License

Creative License

Even the most brilliant artists sometimes doubt themselves. I am in no way brilliant and I constantly dabble in different mediums without being an expert at anything. But I’ve grown. I remember a time when I wouldn’t hang any of my artwork on a wall. 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 3

Myth 3 “If only I had the time, money, space etc.” Creativity is not something that follows a time clock, flourishes after money is thrown at it, or thrives only in studios. If you’ve got a brain, you’ve got enough space. If you have time 

Really “Get” Creative, Mythbuster Number 1

Some people just don’t get it. And I think it’s time that people come to understand what being creative is all about. Yes, creativity is usually looked at in a positive way, however there are many myths about arts and crafts and creativity that just