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Matisse in the Garden

Matisse in the Garden

We had a lovely time at Gaiety Hollow last Saturday, painting and cutting out Matisse-inspired collages. I have been planning this class since March with the fabulous members of the Lord and Schryver Conservancy and it was such a wonderful experience. There is certainly something 

Sharing the Love of Crafting with you this Valentine’s Day

Finally finished with my first stop motion animation as well as my first song ever. This took a while for me to put together…almost 400 frames as well as photoshop work but it was fun. I made the puppet from the same process as I’ve 

Make it Monday-Collage Using Basic Design

Tomorrow I’m teaching my first instructional class at Clockworks/C4. Hope you can join me! You don’t have be an expert in drawing or even consider yourself an artist to collage but you will need to have a sense of adventure. But don’t fear, I will