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Block printing with Stryrofoam

Okay we all know Stryrofoam is bad…super bad. The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research (http://www.highcountryconservation.org/pdf/The%20Facts%20on%20Styrofoam.pdf) found 57 chemical by-products released during the creation of Styrofoam. Yet Stryrofoam is everywhere, so if we get it in the form of packaging, we might as 

History of Letterboxing

After learning of the history, the term Letterboxing makes a bit more sense. Picture yourself circa 1845 England. You are a dandy, Victorian chap named James Perrott and you place a bottle and your calling card in an obscure and difficult to find location at 

Heeeere’s Johnny, a bit of cabin fever

Feeling a bit of cabin fever with this insane arctic weather. The romance has warn off. The kids have not had school for a week due to snow and ice and they are now in their winter break which means two more weeks of keeping 


We are a family without a sled. It’s sad but true and after watching other kids walk (read slide) down our street pulling sleds behind them, I wondered what we could use instead of running out and purchasing one. It’s been such a mess on