Having a Pinkalicious Day

Today I went to Confectionately Yours. It’s located on 19th Street SE, between Vista and McGilchrist. I LOVE that store! Michelle, the owner, was there to greet me as I walked in and as always she was super friendly and helpful. She’s the type of person who is generous in conversation and makes you feel like you’ve known her for a long time. I browsed around the store, picking out my treasures while chatting with Michelle all the while. And when I left to walk to my car, I thought, “Geez she would be a nice person to have as a friend or co-worker.” Never do I feel like she is salesy but instead is genuinely interested in my projects and my needs. If more stores had customer service like that, I think more stores would stay in business!

Anyway, back to my treasures…now how cute is this charming birdie!!! I was looking for a cookie cutter for some party favors for a baby shower a friend and I have been planning. It’s a “feather her nest” party so we are working around a bird and bird nest theme. Well this cute little guy was just the perfect shape for the party favors! Don’t you think?

And I found these leaf shaped cutter that I thought could make a cute little wing for my handsome bird.

Here’s some neat sprinkles I found as well. Light pink sanding sugar (for another project) and editable glitter! Yummy!


So this afternoon the kids and I made Pinkalicious cupcakes. If you’re not familiar with the book by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, you’re in for a real treat. It’s an adorable children’s book about a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink. I love the illustrations in the book since they have a cool collage feel. Well we devoured out cupcakes and with any luck we’ll be able to take a nice little nap. Ahhh…