Happy Mother’s Day

Being a mom is tricky. It’s the most challenging job that I’ve had yet it’s the most heartwarming as well. And I’ve learned to be a good mom from my mom. Here’s a picture of my mom and me. It’s sad that this is the one picture I have with the both of us. I guess we are always the ones behind the camera. Also excuse my giant watermelon head (really, it’s just perspective…well kinda).

I have been lucky enough to have been raised by a mom who was loving and thoughtful. Here’s just a few things that she has taught me.

1. Be on time. My mom is always punctual and has taught me that being on time is one way of showing respect. We were never too late or too early. I remember getting someplace early and driving around the block a couple of times so we didn’t show up too early. Other people’s time is something to be respectful about.

2. Share your talent. My mom is a teacher. She really could do anything…be an artist, singer, nurse, whatever, but she chooses to educate middle schoolers. She shares advice and helps guide tweens and teens not only in their school work but also life. I applaud her efforts and joy for giving!

3. Just add powder! My mom is full of tips. I was reminded of this when I attended a playdate and was too rushed to take my morning shower. I followed a nifty trick my mom taught me to put powder in my hair and comb through it. The powder absorbs the grease (nasty but helpful). She’s full of helpful tips and I love her for that!

4. Love of Food. So many wonderful family occasions were spent around food. My mom is an amazing cook and I love her creativity in the kitchen. She’s not afraid to mix things up and not follow the recipe. She cooks things from scratch and likes to share them with others. She is also a lover of chocolate and ice cream and knows that even a very bad day can become instantly better after visiting Dairy Queen.

5. Her commitment to her children. My mom was the type of mother who put her career on hold to raise her family. She moved miles away (from Oregon to North Carolina then to Maine) from friends and family for my dad’s work. She worked at KMart for extra spending cash. And even when she did get her degree in eduction, she worked a Fred Meyer to help out with finances. My mom was also there emotionally for us kids. She was the one who we came to with problems, scrapes and bruises. She was the one who celebrated our accomplishments. She was our home and our safe haven.

Thank you Mom! I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. I love you!