Gemini Gizmo/Gremlin Cake Part II

Since Jason is a Gemini, I thought it would be fun to show both sides of a Mogwai. With Gizmo completed, I needed to get started on the bad boy Stripe.

At this point I also realized I didn’t want to just sculpt a head. I needed to add a little bust of a body or it’d look like a cake with a severed head. So I made some more rice crispy treats for the base.

I also used some powdered food coloring purchased at my favorite cake supply store (Cherry City Cakes and Candy Supply) to create green modeling chocolate. Here you can see, I’m building up the base of Stripe the Gremlin with his nose, eyes, mouth and ears. This is on the backside of Gizmo.


I worked on Stripe’s jaw


And then I made some arms for Stripe. Gizmo has a wide body and a Gremlin doesn’t so I needed to add arms to take up some of the extra room. The body wasn’t as skinny as the original, however I couldn’t figure out another way around it in this double-headed design. Jason, my husband supervises the progress. 🙂


I added some gums.


And started painting on the food coloring.


The black food coloring really gave Stripe some drama. And the teeth made him look wicked! At this point I was wondering what kind of dreams I’d be having that night!


I also want to point out how important the reflection of his eyes are. I used some white modeling chocolate to add the refection and think it helps make the creature come to life!


So this is where my plan (or lack of it) gets dicey. It was a long night making Stripe and I baked the cake right when I got home from work that day. But I didn’t (and should have) chilled the cake. I made the frosting that evening and then stacked the layers of the cake. When I picked up the completed Gremlin/Gizmo I realized just how heavy the sculpture was! And my homemade cake was so moist, it really had a hard time supporting all of that weight. If I had more time (it was already 10pm) I would have chilled everything. But I needed my beauty rest for work in the morning and didn’t have time after work to complete it. So I added skewers to the cake and finished off the frosting. Luckily it stayed standing in the fridge when I recovered it in the morning. It was leaning, but still standing.

Here’s side one with Stripe the Gremlin:


And side two with sweet, lovable Gizmo:


Let me know what you think!

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