DIY Studio

History of DIY Studio

For Profit Business- In the fall of 2010 Jessica Ramey opened DIY Studio in her Salem, Oregon garage.

The purpose of the for-profit business was to teach art and craft classes as well as host events. In the 8 months the studio was open, over 300 attendees enrolled in a DIY Studio class or event.

Community Craft Nights- In 2011, Jessica partnered with Culture Shock Community Project and Clockworks Café & Cultural Center. They offered the space and Jessica offered the supplies and free art instruction at Community Craft Nights. She sought out discarded materials from thrift shops and garage sales to use in the workshops and classes to cut down on costs. DIY Studio also received various donations of supplies from community members. It was during that time Jessica realized that DIY Studio could better serve the community by becoming a non-profit. Gaining a non-profit status makes it easier to divert waste by offering business and individuals donation incentives as well as allows more materials to be used for creative endeavors. Best of all, the revenue from those sales will be used to fund arts education and self sustainability classes. In 2012 Jessica completed the Master Recycling coursework in Marion County. There she learned more about how she could play a role in reducing waste in the community.

Non Profit Creative Reuse- When Jessica met Carlee Wright through Community Craft nights, the two started working to turn DIY Studio into a non-profit creative reuse center. February 14, 2013 DIY Studio earned its non-profit status. The board grew and Jessica and Wendy Derting volunteered to get a 3,000 space ready in the Salem Center Mall for the Salem’s first Creative Reuse Center. DIY Studio opened its doors in June 2013 and stayed at that location until September 2013. DIY Studio was staffed by volunteers and promoted over 22 reuse artists, collected and sold reuse art supplies and taught classes. When the space was leased to another for profit business, DIY Studio found its home in the Salem Arts Building. Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to move during record rainfall. DIY Studio opened again in October 2013 and continued until April 2014 when the non-profit ran out of funding and volunteer steam. It was a lot of work, yet we loved working with artists, built meaningful community connections, and taught reuse to young and old.

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