I’m a creative goof who loves to play and geek out over anything artsy. I’ve worn many hats: executive director, waste reduction coordinator, stay-at-home mom, zinester, activist, radio oddball, and currently a full time artist and graphic designer. I’m the happiest being curious and creating.  I work hard to find the balance of creating and consumption and enjoying creating art from things that others would consider trash. I hope to inspire others to find creative solutions to mass-produced, needless stuff, while encouraging others to embrace their creativity. Some projects I work on include: Radioactive Report, Free Art Friday , Salem Puppet Parade, and Salem Sketchers.

Background: My passion for art drew me to the University of Oregon where I graduated with a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on Visual Design. After that, I worked as a graphic designer at the University of Oregon. I’ve been a freelance designer since 2003. In 2009 I started teaching free community craft nights and in 2010 I opened DIY Studio from my home studio. In 2012 DIY Studio morphed into a non-profit creative reuse center in Salem, Oregon. In April of 2014 DIY Studio closed its doors and I moved on to work full-time to promote waste reduction. In July of 2017, I decided to leave my job a the county and work on more personal and community projects. My passion of art and sustainability continues, and hope to someday be a part of another creative reuse organization committed to opening a creative reuse center in Salem.


Jessica Ramey
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